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Artist event at Contemporary Art Tasmania

Come along and hear about the work Painting ourselves into the landscape and what we have in store for our next work. The Soup Collective foundation members will be talking at the Artist event on Friday 19 July from 5:30 pm and of course there will be soup!

The painting is installed at Contemporary Art Tasmania from 26 June to 27 July, so if you can't get to the artist event, try and pop in and see the work.

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Painting ourselves into the landscape

Older lesbians in the Landscape! We made a work to enter in landscape art prizes. We figured it was time to put some old lesbians out there.  40 older lesbians in Tasmania were involved in making this work, which is an oil painting on 56 wood panels. They provided photos of themselves, helped to create the composition, and painted the panels in workshops held across the State. You can see it in real life at Contemporary Art Tasmania in Tasma Street North Hobart in July.

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